Matador Tactical Training

About Us

About Matador Tactical Training

Founded in 2021, Matador Tactical Training is dedicated to providing specialized and advanced tactical training specifically designed for law enforcement agencies. Our mission is to enhance the operational capabilities, safety, and response effectiveness of law enforcement personnel through rigorous and expertly designed courses.

Services Offered

  • Introduction to Ballistic Shield (8hrs): A comprehensive course covering the basics of using ballistic shields in tactical operations.
  • Tactical Life Savor (24 hrs): An intensive, three-day program focusing on life-saving tactics in high-pressure scenarios.

  • Advanced Gun Fighter Carbine Course (8 hrs): A specialized course in carbine handling and usage, tailored for advanced level operatives.

  • Interior Tactics Fundamentals (16 hrs): This course delves into the fundamentals of interior tactics, crucial for close-quarters operations.