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Introduction to Ballistic Shield (8 hours)

This course offers a foundational understanding of ballistic shield operations in tactical environments. Designed for law enforcement personnel, it covers the basics of handling, maneuvering, and employing a ballistic shield effectively during various operational scenarios. Participants will learn about the shield’s capabilities, limitations, and tactical applications in real-world situations. The course emphasizes safety, team coordination, and the integration of the shield in both defensive and offensive tactics.

Tactical Life Savor (24 hours)

Over the span of three days, the Tactical Life Savor course is an intensive program that focuses on critical life-saving techniques and strategies in high-stress situations. Tailored for law enforcement officers, this course covers advanced first aid, emergency response tactics, and quick decision-making skills required in the field. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training, ensuring that participants are prepared to provide immediate and effective medical care in the line of duty, potentially saving lives in critical moments.

Advanced Gun Fighter Carbine Course (8 hours)

This specialized 8-hour course is designed for law enforcement professionals who want to enhance their proficiency with carbine rifles. It covers advanced shooting techniques, tactical reloads, clearing malfunctions, and accurate shooting under stress. The course is structured to improve the participants’ tactical skills, shooting accuracy, and weapon handling in high-pressure situations. Instructors with extensive field experience provide personalized feedback and tactics that are immediately applicable in real-world scenarios.

Interior Tactics Fundamentals (16 hours)

Focused on close-quarters combat and indoor tactical operations, this 16-hour course delves into the fundamentals of interior tactics. It is ideal for law enforcement officers who require in-depth understanding and skills for navigating and controlling indoor environments. The curriculum includes room entry techniques, corridor navigation, stairwell tactics, and hostage scenario management. Participants will engage in realistic, scenario-based drills to practice and refine their tactical decision-making and team coordination in confined spaces.

Why Choose Matador Tactical Training?

Matador Tactical Training stands out as the premier choice for Police Officers seeking to excel in high-risk situations. Our specialized, scenario-based approach equips you with not just theoretical knowledge but also practical skills essential for real-world challenges.

We focus on developing quick decision-making, strategic thinking, and tactical prowess, ensuring you are prepared for any scenario. With experienced instructors and a commitment to excellence, choosing Matador Tactical means choosing a path to becoming a more proficient, confident, and effective officer in the field.


Matador Tactical Training serves to improve the tactical skills for those whom are required to respond effectively to violent situations. It is common knowledge that Police Officers can face a myriad of high-risk situations on a daily basis. The purpose of Matador Tactical is to provide Officers with the knowledge and skills used to engage in these situations effectively. Using developmental components coupled with realistic scenario-based training, our goal is not only to benefit those who attend the training but to provide the tools and training culture to improve the overall effectiveness of Police Officers for years to come.

Armando B.

The Advanced Gun Fighter Carbine Course was a game-changer! Instructors were top-notch, imparting crucial skills with hands-on training. Highly recommended for law enforcement professionals seeking real-world readiness.

Robert B.

Interior Tactics Fundamentals at Matador Tactical Training was exceptional. The realistic scenarios and in-depth tactics training have significantly enhanced my operational skills. A must for law enforcement officers looking to up their tactical game!


Sharpen your tactical skills with our scenario-based training designed for Police Officers. Elevate your response to high-risk situations and join us for a journey to excellence in law enforcement. Your path to tactical mastery starts here!